A Petition for Equality

A conversation about women's athletics at KUA

A Petition for Equality

Gabriella Pais

Here at Kimball Union Academy, athletics are a large component of the community and many of the students’ lives. With a student population of over 300 people and multiple teams from the fall, winter, and spring trimesters, there is a large number of athletes enrolled at KUA. From that population of students, there are “117 female athletes at KUA” according to Ms. Whittemore.

KUA has different locker rooms assigned to different teams. While locker rooms are assigned to a team for a season, “nothing is permanent, and everything is year to year”, Ms. Raney says. This season, the girls JV hockey team was given a newer, though smaller, locker room.

The change of accommodations became a concern for girls on the team, although Ms. Raney would like to assure the community that the team’s concerns were discussed. The girls’ concerns lead to an open conversation with faculty and students about equality in women’s athletics at KUA.

A petition started the ongoing conversation. Seniors Abby Dole, Erin Gregory-Davis, and Charlotte Greenspan created a petition similar to an open letter, with a simple goal to raise awareness for equality in athletics, they said that “both boys and girls signed the petition”.

Ms. Raney, who coaches JV girl’s hockey, says that KUA is not only a place that supports women’s athletics, but empowers them; KUA encourages success in women’s sports through different events like “celebrating girls and women in sports day”, which Ms. Raney adds, is a “really exciting time to bring in speakers”. Ms. Raney notes that the school’s hope “always is that everyone is feeling valued in every way that they contribute at school regardless of their gender, sexuality, or their race”. By being able to openly discuss topics as controversial as equality at KUA, current students as well as future generations should understand that they have a voice, and somebody is always happy to listen.