Ms. Barcomb Skates into KUA

Claudia Barcomb joins the KUA Athletic Program Staff


Photo credit Stella Chen

Stella Chen, Editor


Every year Kimball Union Academy welcomes new faculty members from various fields. No matter which academic or athletic professional areas they are from, they do their best to contribute to the community. This year, Ms. Claudia Barcomb, who is the new girls’ varsity hockey and lacrosse coach, will share her experience in sports and expectation with the KUA community. Ms. Barcomb lives with her husband and three daughters in the 1813 House on campus; she also works as the Associate Athletic Director in the athletic office.

Ms. Barcomb is a very experienced hockey coach. In her coaching career, she coached at Union College, Harvard University, and Middlesex school. “I have always enjoyed coaching,” says Ms. Barcomb, “especially when you have your old rival on your side – Mr. Hudak used to coach hockey at Dartmouth, and now he works with me!”

When it comes to her coaching philosophy, Ms. Barcomb says, “It is all about fun and work.” As a person who believes in consistency, Ms. Barcomb makes a training schedule for the team. “Focusing on skills? Yes. But you have to have a strong body first.” Therefore, Ms. Barcomb would like the team members to be proactive with frequent work out sessions.

When asked about her major expectations for the year, Ms. Barcomb asserts, “Preparing the members in my team to the next level should be my main goal.” It can be heard in her voice that she is excited to start the hockey season. “Everyone at KUA is welcoming so far, I am really glad that I am here with you guys.” Just like Ms. Barcomb, the community is expecting an exciting hockey season.