Staff Streaming Picks: Holiday Movies Worth Bingeing

A top viewing list of holiday classics and "Christmas Cheese" for your bingeing needs

Netflix has finally given us all the Christmas we could possibly want. Whether you’re a fan of the classics that you watch every year or if you find your guilty pleasure in romance movies with the same plot line, there is something for you. All of these titles are available through Netflix. If you don’t have a subscription, they are also available to rent from Youtube or Amazon, and most cost less than $4 to rent for three days.



  • White Christmas

Two men follow two sisters who they have become romantically involved with, to a ski lodge whose profits are plummetting to save the day. This musical will lift your spirits on a dark winter’s day.



  • How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Pick your favourite version of this classic and get into the Christmas spirit of joy no matter who tries to ruin it. This is a story of the value of people no matter who they are or how weird their cave is!


  • Home Alone

Imagine being left alone during Christmas! Imagine trying to protect your house from burglars! Imagine it being this funny! All of your greatest dreams and nightmares about these situations come true in this exciting adventure.


  • Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

The classic song has come alive and the misfit reindeer will find his belonging at Christmas. Relive your childhood year after year and join Santa on his adventures with Rudolph.


  • Frosty the Snowman

When a greedy magician wants to steal a snowman’s magic hat, something has to be done. And who knew you could be friends with snow? This cartoon classic will have you nostalgic and festive in no time.


  • Love Actually

Despite this consistently being billed as a holiday movie, there isn’t much Christmas in this; instead, a series of vignettes follow person after person finding love at the most special time of the year. All the characters are somehow connected and love truly surrounds them this Christmas.


  • Elf

When a man raised as an elf goes on the journey to find himself, all kinds of delights come his way. This man who doesn’t really fit in will force everyone around him to view Christmas and life just a bit differently. Fans of Will Farrell will enjoy his over-the-top portrayal of an enthusiastic six-foot tall elf.


  • Miracle on 34th Street

Christmas always involves Santa, but how do you prove that a normal guy is truly Santa Claus from the North Pole? A little girl and a lawyer fight to prove that Santa is real in the remake of a 1950s classic.


  • The Holiday

When two women swap houses for a Christmas getaway because of respective heartbreaks, they both find the right guy might just be waiting for them. But what happens when they have to swap back and return to their normal lives?


  • The Santa Claus

When Santa is accidentally killed, someone must take his place and start a new life. This single movie can be turned into a trilogy viewing (The Santa Claus I, II, and III) for a whole afternoon of following Scott Calvin into the heart of the North Pole.



There is nothing more cozy than snuggling up with your streaming device and binging movies that are often so terrible, they’re actually good. This list is a mix of Hallmark classics and Netflix originals, but the one thing they have in common is an outrageous premise that leads to a satisfyingly cheesy happy ending.

  • The Princess Switch

Vanessa Hudgens makes an appearance in this tale of unexpected love with unexpected people. This is a classic story and has a hint of Freaky Friday but will satisfy your romantically festive desires.


  • The Holiday Calendar

A photographer struggles to find love with the right person through the magic powers of an advent calendar that can predict the future. This slightly strange twist on the Christmas spirit, of course, ends with the loving truth.


  • A Christmas Prince II

If you’ve watched the first chapter of this love story, then the second should be at the top of your watch list. This second chapter reveals the struggles that a royal relationship endures and gives a resounding victory for the plain Jane from America.

  • Christmas Inheritance

This is the classic battle between the good option and the truthful option when it comes to love. This movie follows a rich girl forced to live in the middle of nowhere so that she can truly find herself, and perhaps love.


  • Christmas with a View

Although some of the lines from the good-looking chef are incredibly cheesy, this shows that a normal girl can be whoever she wants to be if she sticks to the truth. Warning: don’t watch this if you’re allergic to cheese.


  • Christmas Wedding Planner

Nuptials meet holidays in this improbable premise. When you’re planning one wedding and you almost have to start planning your own, every girl’s struggle! When you go snooping with a P.I., you may just find love!


  • Merry Kissmas

The title can almost be forgiven because Brant Daugherty from Pretty Little Liars stars in this. Again, a girl struggles between two men for true love and what truly matters in life.


  • You Can’t Fight Christmas

What happens when you fall for someone who doesn’t like Christmas, but you are a Christmas designer? This mix of bah-humbug and corny romance proves the inevitable nature of the holiday season.


  • Miss Me This Christmas

A couple set for divorce have to decide over the Christmas season if that really should be the end for them. Watch this couple struggle through the feelings that they still have and see what Christmas will bring for them this year.


  • Spirit of Christmas

In this, a lawyer finds out what happens when you try to go against the wishes of a spirit and sell their beloved bed and breakfast. Love, of course.

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