Staff Streaming Picks: Great Streaming Choices for Winter Break

A list of great streaming choices for this winter break.

The Good Place- Available on Netflix

This show’s premise is centered around the concept that the afterlife is split into “The Good Place” and “The Bad Place”. Every decision that the characters made while they were living added or subtracted points from their total, and only the best of the best can get into the good place. The series follows a group of unlikely friends as they try to help Eleanor Shellstrop, who was mistakenly placed in the good place, hide her secret from the community architect and his all-knowing assistant. This show is a great choice for anyone who enjoys lighthearted sitcoms.

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee- Available on Netflix

This funny, upbeat show is great for any comedy or car fan.  In each episode, the host, Jerry Seinfeld, picks up a different comedian and grabs a cup of coffee with them as they share funny stories along the way. It features guests such as Kevin Hart, Louis C.K., Aziz Ansari, and dozens more. This show is a perfect low-commitment choice for anyone with some free time.

A Series of Unfortunate Events- Available on Netflix

This show is a well put together remake of the original book series by Daniel Handler, first published in 1999. The series follows orphans Violet, Klaus, and Sunny Baudelaire who have found themselves thrown into one perilous encounter after the next, beginning with the tragic deaths of their parents in a house fire. The siblings are paired with their evil guardian who has his mind set on obtaining their massive inheritance. This show is a slightly more serious option, but the stunning visuals make it well worth your time.

Tim’s Vermeer- Available on Amazon & YouTube Movies

Dutch artist Johannes Vermeer is one of the most famous painters of all time. Art historians have studied his paintings for decades trying to figure out how he was able to achieve such photographic realism in his work. This film follows the inventor Tim Jenison as he scrutinizes and contemplates Vermeer’s paintings. He believes that he has found out how the artist was able to achieve such an aesthetic and sets out to recreate one of Vermeer’s most famous paintings. This film is a great choice for art or history buffs, or anyone else who enjoys well-made documentaries.


Supergirl- Available on Netflix

Kara Zor-El was sent to Earth by her parents to look after her older cousin, Superman, but got stuck in a time loop. Once she reached Earth, her cousin had already grown up and become Superman, leaving her with an ordinary life until her sister was stuck on a crashing plane. Faced with continuing to hide her powers or saving her sister, Kara decides to stop hiding her true calling. Supergirl is a great series for fans of other shows in the DC universe or anyone looking for a binge-worthy pick.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine- Available on Hulu

Brooklyn Nine-Nine follows Jake Peralta, a childish yet talented detective who prefers flash over substance. Everything changes when new captain Raymond Holt enters the precinct. Jake and his associates (Rosa Diaz, Seargent Terry Jeffords, Charles Boyle, Amy Santiago, and office manager Gina Linetti) are forced to work harder than ever while maintaining respect for their job and captain. This show is packed with hilarious one-liners and bursts of sitcom gold.


Bob Ross: Beauty Is Everywhere- Available on Netflix &

Watch as painter and relaxation master Bob Ross walks you through how to make your own masterpieces; but you don’t need to be a fan of art or painting to enjoy this show. Bob Ross’s soothing voice and constant happiness make everyone who watches his shows feel warm and welcome. My personal favorite moments in his shows are his poetic quotes such as, “There’s nothing wrong with having a tree as a friend.”


Modern Family- Available on Amazon & DVD

A funny and often honest sitcom that takes a look into the twenty-first-century family dynamic. Husbands Cameron Tucker and Mitchell Pritchett struggle with raising a child in a gay household; Claire and Phil Dunphy want a happy and open relationship with their three kids, whereas their kids strive for independence; and Gloria and Jay Pritchett strive for a healthy life with their kids and grandkids, despite the fact that Gloria is younger than Jay’s daughter. Their interwoven and complicated relationships create a fantastic show to binge over the winter break.

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