Featured Athlete: Reese Stevenson

An interview with senior Reese Stevenson

Reese playing rugby in the 2017-18 season

FS: Hi Reese, thanks for meeting with me. What sports do you play?

RS: Hi Forest, I do swimming and rugby.

FS: How long have you been playing each?

RS: Swimming has been five years now, and rugby I’ve only played for two years.

FS: What attracted you to play these sports?

RS: I started rugby because I was asked to by a friend, and then swimming I tried once and enjoyed it, so I continued swimming.

FS: Spending time with friends is important. How often do you compete in swimming or play a rugby game?

RS: Rugby games are in the spring most weeks, and then swimming competitions are most weekends in

Reese standing on the podium with his teammates

the winter.


FS: How would you describe yourself as an athlete?

RS: I would call myself dedicated, hard-working, and self-motivated.

FS: Those are important qualities. What does a normal week of practice look like for you?

RS: In the spring when I am doing both swimming and rugby, I am up at 5 or 5:15, at the pool from 6 until 7:30, then I drive myself back and go to classes. Finally, I go to rugby practice after school.

FS: That’s a big commitment – would you say that these sports are important to you?

RS: Yes, very. Swimming has come to be a big part of what people know me for and what I want to do in college. Rugby just kind of started as something to do with friends.

FS: Apart from athletics, what are some things you do at KUA?

RS: I do tech for theatre, am a member of the fire brigade, and am also a Global Scholar.

FS: It seems like you’ve got a full plate. If you had any advice for other athletes, what would it be?

RS: Keep doing what works for you but don’t push yourself too hard and get hurt.

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