Ms. Haskell in her art room

New Driving Force Behind the Faculty

New Dean of Faculty Appointed

As the new school year begins, KUA has many changes to adjust to; there have been more than a few changes in administrative titles. Ms. Julie Haskell, Arts Department Chair, has been named the new Dean of Faculty, taking over from her predecessor, Mr. Weidman. “The board decided that he should split his job off,” said Haskell.

One important event on campus that involves Ms. Haskell’s cooperation is the weekly faculty meeting, usually held on Thursday mornings while students sleep in. “Sometimes it goes with the flow of the year . . . [but we also have] different agenda items that happen at different times of the year . . . [and] other times we do special things,” she added. For example, a few weeks ago KUA had a program called “One Love”, which educated the students about healthy relationships. In light of this, Ms. Haskell coordinated with the Student Life Office and put together a sexual assault training for the faculty on the preceding Thursday morning.

Ms. Haskell during K-Term 2017 Sophomore Presentation

According to Ms. Haskell, faculty meetings not only involve the Dean of Faculty, but they also consist of issues and policies under the supervision of the administrative team and the student life faculty.

Ms. Haskell enjoys working with other administrators. “I actually really love working with Ms. Clarke, our new interim head.” Ms. Haskell complimented Ms. Clarke, calling her “smart, insightful, and [possessing] a great sense of humor.”(Click here to read the New Interim Head article/URL to New Head article). Ms. Haskell also thought that it is important to mention that the whole academic administrative team went from four men to two men and two women, creating a more gender-balanced group.

Ms. Haskell also addressed some changes she would like to make in the future. She specifically pointed out that decision making about faculty jobs should be more transparent.

“So the faculty feel like things are fair, and so that they understand why certain decisions are made. Or maybe they [could even] take part in the decisions that will affect them,” Ms. Haskell explained.

What’s more, she would like “to continue to have lots of opportunities for professional development”, so more budget will be needed for that. Ms. Haskell also emphasized the importance of the faculty evaluation program. Besides having the students submit evaluations for their teachers, the faculty will be writing their own evaluations, and their self-evaluation will be checked by their department chairs. “It’s helpful to go through a review [be]cause then you learn how to be better,” Ms. Haskell indicated.

Ms. Haskell riding her iconic bike and cheering for KUA during Holderness Day

When asked if there are any obstacles to achieving her goals, Ms. Haskell laughed and said that her biggest problem is that she does not have enough time. Since Ms. Haskell is still also the Arts Department Chair and Head of Kurth Dorm, she admitted that the new position adds more responsibility and she is trying to find a way to balance the workload. For example, she no longer runs the gallery, and she only teaches two sections of Advanced Studio Art and one AP Art History now. “One of the things that I’m supposed to help the faculty find is balance between life and work,” Ms. Haskell said, but she felt like she doesn’t have much of that balance herself. She admitted that she is not sure how to solve this problem, but she hoped that with the changing seasons she will have a little bit more time, as she will not have to supervise art activity at certain seasons.

Being the Dean of Faculty means a lot of responsibility, not to mention Ms. Haskell is an integral part of many campus life components. However, KUA looks forward to all the great changes she is going to bring on campus in the years to come.


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