Pet of the Week: Meet Bingley!

I got to sit down with Bingley, Ms. Kelly’s dog. The following is our short interesting conversation:

Bingley at the beach on Nantucket

BL: Hi, what’s your name?

BK: Hi –  my name is Bingley.

BL: Could you tell me a little bit about yourself?

BK: I’m 5 or 6 years old. I was living on the streets in Texas and got picked up and sent to a high-kill shelter where I was put on “death row”. A group called Eleventh-Hour Rescue came and got me in the nick of time; they are an organization that saves dogs from being put down and brings them up north. I was in a foster home for 6 months in New Jersey until Ms. Kelly adopted me!

BL: Can you tell me something that is interesting about you?

BK: Yeah, of course!! I have my own Facebook page and already have 43 friends in my account.

Like any KUA member, Bingley loves his Fore-U ice cream


BL: What are some of your favorite activities?

BK: My favorite thing to do is definitely chasing chipmunks; they’re everywhere and really, really fun to chase. I also love napping because I need my beauty sleep. I love playing with Mrs. Burroughs’ dogs, and I like going for walks in the woods with Ms. Kelly.

BL: When’s your birthday?

BK: I don’t really know but my adoption day was March 13th.


BL: What things do you not like?

BK: I really don’t like baths, getting my nails trimmed, loud noises like fireworks and gunshots, and babies – they’re really grabby I’m more of the quiet type.


BL: Who are some of your other friends?

BK: Besides Ms. Burroughs’ dogs Taters and Pearl, my friends are Ms. Kelly and her parents’ dog, Lyra

Bingley and his “sister” at home by the Sagamore Bridge on Cape Cod


BL: What words would you choose to describe yourself?

BK: Words I would use to describe myself are relaxed, quiet, and polite. This is one of the reasons my name is Bingley – because I am so polite, Ms. Kelly named me after a famous gentleman from one of her favorite novels.

BL: What are your favorite things to do in your free time?

BK: I have a bunch of toys and love to take all of my toys out. I will play with each one for about 30 seconds and then I will move on to the next toy in my box! I also love playing toss and catch with myself.

BL: What breed are you?

BK: I am half purebred rat terrier and half mutt (mixed). Ms. Kelly did a DNA test to find out!

BL: Thanks so much for having me, Bingley!!

BK: Yeah, it was really fun talking thanks!!

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