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A Fun Trip for Family Weekend

A Fun Trip for Family Weekend

Looking for something fun and local to do? Why not bring your friends or family out for some fall festivities!

This Friday, October 12th, members of The Claw paid a visit to nearby farm attractions. Riverview Farm was our first stop. Riverview Farm is located off 12A in Plainfield; visitors can just take Brook Road toward West Lebanon, turn left at 12A, then turn right at River Road.


Check out some of the fun fall activities you can do there:

Come wind your way through the rows of corn

Corn Maze:

In between the farm stand and the pick-your-own-pumpkin patch lies the corn maze. Visitors enter through a narrow gap among the corn rows and then must navigate the winding paths. The stalks have grown high and they spookily rustle in the wind as you walk along. At certain intervals, there are small clearings with painted wooden cutouts of various animals. We found a snapping turtle, a salmon, and several raccoons. While we only hit one dead end, it was a fun little trip among the corn plants. It feels like it is especially geared toward a younger audience, but older visitors will still enjoy the peaceful swaying of the plants above their heads as they take in the crisp air and blue skies. When you reach the end of the corn maze, you can wander through the expansive pumpkin patch, shopping for a ripe gourd among those growing on the vines.

Choose your pumpkin from a bin or pick your own off the vine


Pumpkin Picking:

There are several different places where you can get pumpkins. After you find your way out of the corn maze, you will see a huge open field in front of you with a pumpkin picking sign. The pumpkins are all scattered on the ground naturally and are still attached to their vines. The shop offers shears to help free your pumpkin from its vine. Another option is to choose your pumpkin from the bins right next to the farm store. The pumpkins are arranged in huge wooden boxes and are ready to be pick up and go. There is a scale in front of the farm store where people weigh their pumpkins before purchasing them. If you don’t want a large pumpkin, inside the farm store you can find some small decorative pumpkins and gourds in wooden boxes; these are great for decorating tables or smaller spaces like dorm rooms. Pumpkins are a big part of the farm, and they really add a splash of festive color to any fall decoration.

Picking apples is a great way to get fresh food and support a local business



Apple Picking:

The apple orchard consists of a wide variety of apple strains. This part of the farm stretches away past the berries, running in long rows of trees. Honey Crisp apples are the primary type of apple the farm grows; however, they also offer Red Delicious, Gala, and McIntosh apples. Many apples on the farm are made into apple cider and jam that can be purchased in the store on-site. If you are not sure which type of apple to buy, the store provides free samples of their freshly picked apples from the orchard. The apples are weighed on a scale and customers pay based on the weight of their purchase. Similarly, customers can pick fresh berries and weigh their harvest before paying; raspberries and blueberries are available for picking.  The apple orchard and berry patches are not only great sources of fresh fruits but they are also great places to enjoy a natural New Hampshire view. Splashes of orange, red, and pink against the green leaves and bright blue sky make for stunning photos and a great way to spend an afternoon.


The Riverview Farm Shop offers a variety of local food products

The Riverview Farm Shop:

The farm owns a little store on-site that sells a variety of local products, including Mac’s and Taylor Brother’s maple syrup, raw honey, self-grown honeycrisp apples, and homemade apple cider. I bought a cup of hot apple cider, and it tasted very authentic and satisfying. Beside selling the products mentioned above, the store also has seasonal decorative goods such as mini pumpkins, gourds, corn, and flowers. If you want to grab a bite of local fall fare, the little store is a good place to stop by.


Mac’s Maple

The Mac’s Maple shop is warm, inviting – and definitely sweet!

After our trip to Riverview Farm, we swung by Mac’s Maple, a small shop on the McNamara Dairy property just half a mile down the road from the farm.  In addition to every conceivable maple product a person could wish for – including maple cotton candy, maple popcorn, bourbon maple syrup, and maple baking supplies – the store also offers a variety of locally made home goods. Mugs, wooden trivets, even wall decorations line the shelves of the shop. But above all, the best part of the Mac’s Maple is the Maple Cremee, a soft-serve maple concoction served in a cone. The machine wasn’t running the day we visited, so we opted to get pints of the ice cream instead. You can buy the “plain” pint with simply maple ice cream in it, or you can get a pint with “sprinkles”, in which the ice cream is layered with chunks of thin maple candy. If you’re heading over to River Road, it is definitely worth swinging by Mac’s for a pint of this sweet treat.

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