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Tavern Outdoor Seating a Breath of Fresh Air

The Tavern's newest addition lends a level of fun to the Tavern's experience

At the beginning of the new school year, the staff of The Claw paid their annual visit to Poor Thom’s Tavern just down the hill. The outdoor seating space is a new addition to The Tavern and our staffers enjoyed a nice, sunny view outside, accompanied by

The staff goes head-to-head in a game of corn-hole

a rousing game of corn-hole while we waited for our food to arrive. “It’s very nice to sit out here in the spring and fall. Summer is a little hot, but I need the space and it works perfectly for people. People enjoy sitting outside,” Thom said. One of KUA’s English teachers, Mr. Beaupre, helped Thom build the outdoor space and together they finished it in three days, a shockingly short time. The process was also surprisingly simple, said Lapin: “[Just] Some town paperwork stuff that had to be taken, but that’s about it”.


The staff noticed that there are some new additions to the menu. “[For] A restaurant so off the beaten path and it’s not really in the city…We have a lot of regulars, so we like to change it up so people are not eating the same thing all the time.” The Tavern has been open for two and a half years, and the menu has been changed three times.

The newest Menu

Seasonal dishes are also a part of the menu. The Pig Newton, one of customers’ favorite dishes, contains prosciutto ham and figs. “Figs are very seasonal things, usually in the summer, and the price of figs goes up and down. So we make [the Pig Newton] when we can afford to buy [the figs] and afford to sell [the pizza at a reasonable cost],” said Thom. “We’ll do a beet salad for the fall, and then soups and stews when it gets busier…as the fall and winter come,” he added.


The new menu will come out this October 1st, and the shrimp platter, the dish that many people look forward to, is coming back to the table with the new menu. Additionally, there will be baby back ribs and a new steak item added onto the menu. When asked about how a specific dish on the menu works, Thom says it “depends on how many people want it.”


KUA has always had a close connection with Poor Thom’s Tavern. We look forward to more delicious meals coming in the future!

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