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Tavern Visit 2018: The Wilcats Meet the Rabbit Again

Check out the review of Poor Thom's Tavern's dishes from the Claw

An annual tradition for the Staff of The Claw, the crew paid another visit to Poor Thom’s Tavern on Friday, September 14. In addition to a new menu, The Tavern unveiled its new outside seating area back in June. One of our staff members had the opportunity to interview Thom Lappin, the owner of the Tavern, to talk about an upcoming new menu and the impact that the outdoor seating has on the restaurant.

The cheese quesadilla

Take a look at the crew’s review of the featured dishes:


APPETIZERS: Samosa and Cheese Quesadilla

Stella: The cheese quesadilla was the type you woul

Stella Chen
The somosas

d find at any restaurant. This does not hold true for the samosas. They were so good. A plate was served with four samosas, and each of them looked like a bigger version of dumpling. Inside, the samosa was filled with curried mashed potatoes and a mix of vegetable. The skin was fried until crisp and had the perfect color. 

Rate: Samosa 5/5 Cheese Quesadilla 3/5

Brian: The Samosas were delicious, each bite making you to want to eat more. The samosas had a great texture, the crunch of

the crust was just incredible. The crunchiness and softness of the filling inside was a great combination, leaving you begging for more. The cheese quesadilla was not as great as the samosas and were just normal, everyday quesadillas.
Rating: Samosa ⅘ Cheese Quesadilla ⅖



Emma: The Smokehouse

The smokehouse burger

The Smokehouse burger was a monster of a burger, consisting of an 8 oz. burger patty, bacon, and locally produced Taylor Bros. cheddar cheese, topped with an onion ring, and their house made bourbon barbeque sauce. In all its glory, the burger stands almost five inches tall. In contrast to the extravagant fillings of the sandwich, the bun itself was a fairly simple thin bun, focusing all the attention on the other ingredients.The smoky-sweet flavor of the barbeque sauce is reminiscent of the flavor of smoked meats and cheese produced at a traditional smokehouse, giving the dish its name. The bourbon undertones of the sauce are balanced by the subdued tang of vinegar. The fries accompanying the burger perfectly embody the old-fashioned fry, thin cut and baked, seasoned to perfection. Any customer can expect to leave the table with no room to spare after enjoying this deliciously flavor balanced burger.

                                                                                           Rating: 5/5

The pulled pork sandwich

Kerry: Pulled Pork Sandwich

The bun was kind of sweet and harder on the outside. There was a fair amount of pulled pork drenched in sauce and some bacon in between, which made a great combination. The sandwich was big enough for me to be full. I also like the fries, which were crispy on the outside but soft on the inside. The only two problems were that part of the pulled pork remained in a chunk and the whole sandwich might be a bit too sweet for those who are not really into sweet main dishes.

Rate: 4/5



Brian: Tavern Dip

I was a new addition to the newspaper group and it was my first day on the team. I was introduced to the menu and Ms. Kelly recommended the Tavern Dip to me. My first impression of the Tavern Dip was that it was significantly larger in size than I had imagined. I could see the vibrant colors of the two dips: the French Onion dip, which looked golden brown and liquidy, and the Horseradish sauce, which was bright white with some greens poking out. I tried tasting the french fries, which were cooked just right with crispy brown colors, and its scent smelled homemade which made it even more ravishing. I enjoyed the sandwich which was very delicious, especially after I double dipped it in both of the sauces. The combination of the sauces and the sandwich made my experience with the Tavern Dip just like heaven.

                                                                                  Rate 5/5

Ms. Kelly: Hilltop Pizza

The Hilltop pizza

Named after dear old KUA, this spicy, creamy concoction really hits the spot. A layer of buffalo chicken (drizzled with a gorgeous spiral of more buffalo sauce) tops this ranch sauce-laden pizza. If you love the buffalo ranch wrap from the Deli, or you like spicy and creamy mixed together, this is the pizza for you.

The bits of crust not slathered in ranch dressing were perfectly cooked and crispy with a light, cheesy parmesan layer. While this dish could feel a bit too creamy and heavy on a summer day, it’s a great way to spice up your day as the weather turns cooler. The pizza, like all pizzas at Poor Thom’s Tavern, is fairly large, and I wasn’t able to finish it myself in one sitting. The next day, it made excellent leftovers after a quick minute in the microwave. Pro tip: order yours with extra cheese. The standard amount of cheese it comes with is solid, but you can really level up your meal with extra cheese.

Rating: 4/5


Stella: Grilled Corned Beef Reuben Sandwich

I swapped the Swiss cheese that comes on the sandwich with a mix of Provolone and Mozzarella cheese – a personal choice, and I think it was a good call. The corned beef was really good (who doesn’t like corned beef?). The sauerkraut was refreshing inside the sandwich, but I felt there was too much of it. However, the thousand island dressing was a good match with the sauerkraut. My favorite was the french fries on the side. They were perfectly fried to the level I wanted-crunchy but not over-cooked. In general, I would recommend this dish to who enjoys corned beef like me.

Rate: 4/5



Chocolate Lava Cake and Fried Dough with vanilla ice cream and powdered sugar

The fried dough ice cream sundae


Stella: I only had a bite of the lava cake, but the flavour was rich. I really like the fried dough with ice cream; it was a combination of heat and cold coming together into your mouth.

Kerry: The lava cake was very soft and warm. I strongly recommend enjoying the cake with the vanilla ice cream on the side at the same time because it was such a fantastic combination.

Brian: The chocolate lava cake had a good texture. It seemed to have a legitimate chocolatey taste with a soft fluffy texture with a cold and fresh ice cream some of it melted and seeping into the cake. The Fried Dough was exceptionally crunchy and the ice cream went great with the dough.

Emma: The deep fudgey flavor of the lava cake was well balanced by the fresh old-fashioned vanilla ice cream that accompanied it. On its own, the lava cake might be considered overwhelming, and the vanilla underwhelming, but together they create a nostalgic dessert fit for any meal or occasion.


Rate Chocolate Lava Cake Rate: ⅘ Fried Dough with Vanilla Ice Cream Rate: ⅘

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