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Pet of the Week: Meet Henderson!

Pet of the Week: Meet Henderson!

Learn more about Ms. Edwards' dog!

FS: Hi there! What’s your name?

H: Hello! My name is Henderson, what’s yours?

FS: My name is Forest. Could you give me some information about yourself, Henderson?

H: Sure! I am a four-year-old golden retriever. Right now I live with my mom, Ms. Edwards, but I used to live with my grandparents.

FS: Why did you move in with Ms. Edwards?

H: My grandparents wanted to travel and it wouldn’t make sense for me to go with them. I miss them, but Ms. Edwards is a great mom!

FS: Do you know why you were named Henderson?

Henderson with his brother Hercules

H: Actually, that’s an interesting story. My mom’s family has a tradition that every pet needs a name that starts with the letter H. That’s why I am Henderson and my brother is named Hercules.

FS: That’s fascinating — do you get along with Hercules?

H: Yes I do, he is a lot of fun to live with. The only thing is that he is a cat, so we can’t do everything together, but he is nice and we get along!

FS: That is good! What are some of your favorite things to do with Ms. Edwards?

H: We like to run together, especially through the woods. There are so many sounds and smells, the only problem is that we go so fast I can’t sniff everything. But sometimes she lets me run without a leash on. I try my best to stay close, but sometimes I get distracted.

FS: Is there anything that you do not like to do?

H: Yes, definitely. I hate being alone, it is so sad. Whenever my mom gets home from work I always run to say hello to her at the door. Well, I guess I run to greet everybody at the door, but especially my mom. Then she pets me and I lick her and it is so happy!

FS: Other than Ms. Edwards, do you have any favorite people to play with?

H: I have fun playing with all of the kids in Dexter Richards, and they are always happy to play with me. I also really like to

Henderson and Mr. White in Dexter Richards

play with other dog friends (and I get to see them a lot) but as long as they want to play, I am happy!

FS: That sounds like a great time! What words would you use to describe yourself?

H: I am pretty energetic, which my mom says she loves. Apart from that I think I am

handsome, and definitely sociable.

FS: That’s all the questions I have, thank you for talking with me, Henderson.

H: It was great to meet you! I hope to see you soon!

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