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Pet of the Week: Meet Pippin!

Pet of the Week: Meet Pippin!

Learn more about Mr. Hunnewell and Ms. Liston's dog.

FS: Hi there! What’s your name?

P: Nice to meet you! I’m Pippin, what’s your name?

FS: Nice to meet you, Pippin, I’m Forest. So, Pippin, could you give me some information about yourself?

Pippin being brought home

P: Sure – I’m a 4 year old Bedlington Terrier and I live with Mr. Hunnewell and Ms. Liston in the back of Rowe.

FS: How did you come to live with them?

P: My mom loved sheep and when she saw a dog show on TV she thought that my breed looked like a sheep. Then my mom drove all the way down to New Jersey to pick me up!

FS: Do you enjoy living with your parents?

P: Yes they are the best, I’m also very excited whenever someone new comes over! I like to meet people, but first I need to make sure they are safe to be in my house. So far they have all been nice, but you can never know.

FS: It’s good you are looking out for your parents. Are there other things you don’t like doing very much?

P: Yes definitely, I hate swimming, it’s kind of scary… do you know what’s down there? Although ice cubes do make a great snack!

FS: No I don’t know what’s under the water, but I’m sure it won’t hurt you. What words would you use to describe yourself?

Pippin loves curling up with his family.

P: My dad describes me as loving and smart. I think those words fit pretty well, especially the part about love. I like to snuggle up with people and always make sure that I stick near my parents when they go to bed.

FS: What is your favorite thing to do in your free time?

P: I spend most of my time looking out the windows. Sometimes I get to see friends like Ms. Edwards and Henderson, or Ms. Kelly with Bingley. I usually bark hello, which my parents tell me not to do, but I’m just being polite! I just think there are so many smells and sights to be found! I never get bored if I’m looking out the window.

FS: That does sound like it could be fun. That’s all the questions that I have for you, thank you for talking to me!

P: Thank you! It was fun to meet you, I hope I can see you again soon!

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