Opinion: Why I’m Not Ashamed to Be on Social Media

The Benefits and Drawbacks of a Millennial Obsession

Social media is one of the most prevalent parts of adolescent lives in the millennial generation. The students at KUA, including myself, are no stranger to this concept.

Technology in general is something that is actually necessary to attend KUA, and students often have both an iPad and a Mac laptop. Many classes at KUA are less paper reliant — even The Claw is an online-only publication.

Social media is first and foremost social: it helps us forge connections

What inevitably comes with access to technology is social media. Social media is available in many forms, such as websites and apps, most of which are free, and is therefore easier for everyone to access.

While social media is often slandered by adults in news stories stories and daily anecdotes alike, I personally think social media is one of the best aspects of my generation.

With the single click of a button I can send out a message for anyone to see. While a statement like that might seem ominous, I see it as an opportunity that, in a world where I feel like I have no control, allows me the ability to obtain control.

I can use social media to construct an image of myself, and from that I can demonstrate what I’m truly passionate about.

If I watch the news and feel uncomfortable about what I’m seeing, I have the power to change it with the touch of a button, literally in my hand.

Managing your account is good practice for the future, when you may manage your company’s social media accounts

I have seen my friends use social media to start online magazines, publish poetry, post their art, and start small companies. In what other generation can you say that a 15 year old girl started a company?

Yes, there are obvious downfalls to social media; I am not blind to it and I’m not trying to act like  I am. Just because social media can be used for good, doesn’t mean it is never toxic.

While generations past may not be able to be a published writer in high school just by downloading an app, they also didn’t have to combat cyber bullying or fight the pressure to keep up an online persona.

When used correctly, social media is the best tool communication that we have been given. We as a generation know how best to use social media, and with everything from businesses to sports teams creating accounts to have a presence online, it is almost idiotic to not use that tool.

I keep up with my social media for many reasons, and those reasons differ based on the said platform. For example, on Instagram I post pictures to share my life with my friends, while on other sites I’ll post my writing. While I use social media strictly for those purposes now, I am fully aware that in the future I’ll use it potentially for bigger things.

Instagram and Snapchat are the most popular formats of social media currently


It is not unrealistic to state that in the near future, social media handling of some sort will be present in all companies and serve millennials as a potential job opportunity. While social media is not only difficult to avoid in my generation, it is also the inevitable future; therefore, getting involved with social media is not only easy but also proactive.

In a world where social media is seen as an enemy, I chose to use it to my advantage and encourage other people my age to do the same.

Yes, there are Instagram models and people getting paid for posting videos with a brand of soda in the background, but that isn’t all that social media is, and if young people can make careers out of things like that online, who’s to say that people can’t create real change with it as well.

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