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Faculty Alumnus Spotlight: Ms. Roberts

This Wildcat never really left!

This week’s faculty alumnus spotlight features Mrs. Sarah Roberts, formerly Ms. Sarah Cutts. You can catch her in the English classroom, on the athletic fields, or along the paths walking her dog, Teddy.

Unfortunately, Mrs. Roberts and I could not talk in person for the interview, but she kindly shared her KUA experience as a student via email. Check out what she has to say!

SC: Welcome! Please briefly introduce your journey after KUA.

SR: My name is Sarah Roberts. I graduated in ’08. Back then, my name was Sarah Cutts. I majored in Art History but minored in English and Women’s Studies. I played tennis and squash in college. I am currently in the middle of getting my Masters degree at Middlebury College in English. Each summer, I go up to Vermont to spend nearly the entire summer studying. I am half-way through! This summer, I will be studying at the Middlebury campus in Oxford. Here on campus, I teach English and Choices; I also coach varsity field hockey and Boys’ Varsity Tennis and am the House Head in Mikula, where I actually was a proctor when I was a student.

Ms. Roberts’s (nee Cutts) senior page in the yearbook

SC: Why did you want to come back to KUA? Did you always want to come back?

SR: I never thought I would end up back at KUA, but now that I am back here, I can’t imagine not having come back. I think subconsciously I was pulled back to campus in order to be the sort of person I needed to be when I was in high school. My husband (Evan Roberts ‘ 07), dog and I love our lives here in this community. I was so heavily impacted by my own teachers, advisors, and coaches when I was here. They were great role models and I hope one day I can be as helpful to other students as they were to me.

SC: Anything new from the past that impresses you?


SR: The entire landscape of the campus has evolved in such a beautiful way. The campus is so much more open now. I remember playing field hockey for Ms. Halliday down where the baseball field currently is, except back then we were trapped in a forest of tall trees. You could not see up or down the hill, and could barely see out to main street. Now, when you pass the blinking yellow light, you are overwhelmed by the beauty of the entire campus as a whole. Back then, campus was very segmented.

Mikula to Mikula! Ms. Roberts was once a proctor in the dorm she now oversees

SC:Are there any teachers here now that taught you as a student?

SR: A lot of the same teachers are still here! Mrs. Howe taught me FOALS, which was basically what Freshmen Choices is now. I had Hyjek as a Psychology teacher and life coach, haha. Kluge for Lit, Russman AND RG for Spanish… the list goes on.

Ms. Roberts was an Orange Key while a student here

SC: What was your favorite thing about the campus when you were a student?

SR: I loved advisory gatherings. They are still one of my favorite things! Our group used to go to EBA’s once a term or for sushi in Hanover. Too bad EBA’s is gone now!


SC: Have there been any activities or programmes that were cut or got lost in time?

SR: Back then, the pool was still functioning. Once during my freshman year, we somehow convinced our dorm parent to take us to the pool during study hall. It was a hilarious bonding experience for our dorm! Also, my husband (Evan Roberts ’07), used to be the captain of the football team, which we no longer have. Mr. McMahon was his coach.


SC: Thank you for your time, we are lucky to have you back!


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