Sam on the field

Sam on the field

Weekly Featured Athlete: Sam Chase

Hear about how Sam got into soccer and why she's one of KUA's sports superstars

This week’s Weekly Featured Athlete is  Samantha Chase ‘18, Captain of Girls’ Varsity Soccer. I had a chance to meet up with her briefly and get the scoop on her athletic background and goals.

KH: Welcome, Sam. So, we know you are a soccer star.  Are there any other sports that you play besides soccer?

SC: [I also do] Alpine skiing, but I might be switching to JV Puck (hockey) this year.

KH: How long have you be playing soccer?

SC: I’ve been playing soccer probably since kindergarden. So…since I was five years old.

KH: Why did you choose soccer?

SC: I grew up with my whole family playing soccer, so it was just kind of like the culture that I grew up in. But soccer is also just such a fun sport for me, and I’ve always loved it. It’s been such a good time.

KH: How many hours do you practice each week?

SC: Ten hours at a minimum, because we have practice every day, and then games.

KH: What position do you play in soccer?

SC: I play left center back.

KH: What are the skills you are working on to improve? Or rather, what are the ones you are good at?

SC:  I need to work on some balls in the air, like the bouncer balls when they get into the box to make sure we just send them out of the box instead of fiddling with them. I think I am pretty good at my technical skills and my leadership on and off the fields.

KH: Would you consider playing  this sport in college?

SC: Yes.

Mr. Meltzer
Girls’ Varsity Soccer Team

KH: What is it like playing soccer at KUA?

SC: Soccer has always been a great sport, [and] KUA had produced my love for the game even more. With the season that we had last year, with the championship win, I think it just made my love for  the game grow more and more and the girls that are on the team are absolutely amazing.We are such a big family and that’s what I love about this sport.

KH: Wow. Well, we’re lucky to have you on our team. Thank you for your time!

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