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Pet of the Week: Meet Teddy!

Ho-ho-holy moly, that's a cute puppy.

Ho-ho-holy moly, that's a cute puppy.

Ho-ho-holy moly, that's a cute puppy.

Ho-ho-holy moly, that's a cute puppy.

Pet of the Week: Meet Teddy!

Get to know this little ball of sunshine

EM: Hey there!

TW: Ooh, a new person! Hi, I’m Teddy what’s your name?

EM: Hi Teddy, I’m Emma. Nice to meet you.

TW: You too!

EM: So Teddy, give me some information about yourself.

Teddy may be a dog, but he’s a wildcat at heart.

TW: Well, my name is Teddy, but you already know that. I’m five and a half years old and live in Mikula with Mrs. Roberts who, by the way, is pretty great. Did you know that I’m an ESA, or an Emotional Support Animal. She says I have a puppy sixth sense because I can tell whenever she is sad.

EM: That is pretty amazing. How did you come to be with her?

Teddy loves his veggies

TW: I was actually a gift from Mrs. Roberts’ parents. She had a dog in college that was taken care of by everyone in her dorm, but at the end of the year, one of the girls took it with her. Her parents got me from a lady with too many Maltese mix puppies to count, so if not for them I would’ve gone straight to the pound. When she first got me she said I was pretty much two and a half pounds of fluff.

EM: Makes sense, not a lot has changed! So what do you do in your free time Teddy?

TW: I love, love, love, long walks. I especially enjoy the trail that goes up to French’s ledges. Also, dorm duty is always fun because I get to hang out with all the girls!

Certified as an Emotional Support Animal (ESA for short), Teddy gets to accompany Ms. Roberts when she flies

EM: Besides the kids around campus, who do you like hanging out with?

TW: Oh my goodness, there are too many to choose from! Well, I hang out with Oakley, Cullen, Finn, and Lou Lou the most, but there are others too.

EM: Sounds like you have an interesting life. Thanks for your time, Teddy!

TW: No problem, see you later!

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