The Claw Takes on Poor Thom’s Tavern Menu

What happen when Wildcats meets the Rabbit!


In mid-September, the KUA Claw staff took a trip to our local restaurant, Poor Thom’s Tavern, to try out some of their popular menu items. Here are our picks and recommendations:

Stella Chen

Dish: Fried Potato Skins

Expectations: We had expected the traditional fried potato skins, fried bits and pieces covered in cheese and toppings.

Favorite parts: The actual dish was not at all what we had expected. It was similar to a baked potato, except it was filled with a sour cream, artichoke, and cheese mixture. The cheese was melted, but at the same time perfectly baked. The entire dish was unexpectedly delicious!

Least favorite parts: After cutting into the potato, they tend to fall apart, making for quite a messy appetizer.

Rating: 4.5/5


Stella Chen

Dish: Apple Brie Chicken Sandwich

Expectations: I had originally expected a flat-bread type of sandwich with  a chicken patty and melted brie with an apple slice

Favorite parts: The sandwich turned out to be much different than I was expecting! The chicken was prepared as a grilled herb chicken cut into smaller slices. The brie was melted onto the apple slices, a strange contrast that you may assume would be weird. In actuality it was the perfect sweet-to-savory combination, still highlighting the crunchy sweet apple and the bitter and fragrant brie. The bacon was an awesome idea, who doesn’t love bacon? The classic tomato and lettuce topped it off in the best way possible. The sandwich itself had a great presentation, it looked like something straight out of a commercial!

Least favorite parts: The sandwich was originally secured by a spear, but after removing that it kind of fell apart. It would have been great if the brie was melted throughout the sandwich to better secure it and prevent any tomato-to-table contact.

Rating: 4.5/5 


Stella Chen

Dish: Fried Chicken and Kimchi Burger

Expectations: A creative combination with Korean style kimchi and traditional American fried chicken breast.

Favorite parts: The sauce in the burger was unexpected: I was not sure what exactly it was, but it seemed like a thousand island sauce mixed with some secret ingredient. When I looked back at the menu, it was described as a “tomato and spicy aioli sauce.” Additionally, the french fries were amazing. They were like the ones you can find at Five Guys, but they were a skinnier version. Personally, I like crispy fries, and the Tavern certainly satisfied my need for golden brown potato slices.

Least favorite parts: Unfortunately, I felt the excellence of the aioli overpowered the presence of the kimchi, which made the dish lose its iconic feature. Plus, the fried chicken between the buns was a tiny-tiny overcooked and plain.

Rating: 4/5


Stella Chen

Dish: The Dust Pan Pizza

Expectations: A decent-sized pizza with bacon, chicken, fries, and cheese on it.

Favorite parts: The pizza was a big one. The ingredients were on a layer of melted cheese and were covered by the cheese on top. The ingredients were distributed in almost even portions on every piece so I could have all of them in one slice. The combination was very creative and the pizza turned out to be super tasty! The crust was just the right texture: not too soft, nor too hard. The cheese on the crust added a buttery scent to it.

Least favorite parts: The pizza was a bit oily. The fries were somewhat burnt and therefore a little bit dry.

Rating: 4.5/5


Stella Chen

Dish: Pig Newton Pizza

Expectations: It’s my favorite! I wanted to try the “Sugar Shack,” a new pizza with apple and maple syrup, but I couldn’t resist this one. They took it off the menu last year when figs got too expensive, but now it’s back!

Favorite parts: Prosciutto, figs and balsamic reduction – what a great combination. It’s slightly sweet and savory, with a great cheesy base.

Least favorite parts: it’s fairly greasy and can be a little dry in the places lacking balsamic.

Rating: 4.5/5


Stella Chen

Dish: Fried Dough Ice Cream

Expectations: I had expected to be served a thick piece of fried dough covered in vanilla ice cream. This was not listed on any printed menus, but it is available if you ask your server.

Favorite parts: The presentation was incredible. The fried dough was actually quite airy and light, and the ice cream was drizzled with warm chocolate sauce and topped with ice cream. This surprising turn of events was a good one! The cinnamon and warm chocolate played on the cold ice cream, all pulled together by the fried base.

Least favorite parts: There was not a substantial amount of ice cream, and this was not a dessert to eat slowly. The fried dough was a bit overcooked and cooled off quickly; it became soggy after about ten minutes.

Rating: 3/5